Hello fellow travellers! As Pride Month draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the titles that caught our attention from itch.io’s Queer Games Bundle 2022. It is an absolutely stellar amount of games from a variety of queer creators. A $60 bundle that holds 588 treasures to discover.

This bundle is a direct way to support queer developers, and provide you with a wonderful selection of experiences to choose from. Before even reading our list below we recommend you grab the bundle before its time runs out (just a few days left now!), then take a peek below at some of our recommendations of what you should take a look at first. They vary in genre and even medium, and there is something for everyone below!


A stellar space idle RPG, SPACE / MECH / PILOT lets you become a powerful pilot, exploring the cosmos and earning a whole new arsenal of weaponry all while you multitask!

With some stylish charm and a whole bunch of extra bonuses in THE UNIVERSE DRIVE, there is a ton to unpack here and we think it is a special gem in this bundle that should be discovered!

A Normal Lost Phone

Scrolling through someone’s phone can be a surprisingly intimate experience… and A Normal Lost Phone challenges you to take a peek at a stranger’s phone to piece together what happened to its owner.

By poking through the apps, the messages, the photos and more you will act as voyeur to a coming-of-age story that explores themes like homophobia, depression, queer identity, and more.

It’s a unique experience that is worth more than a glance, it deserves a proper look!

A Mortician’s Tale

What happens when we die? Well, in A Mortician’s Tale you get the unique perspective of Charlie, a recent Funeral Director graduate who is taking her first steps in this important and often overlooked role that sorts out our physical bodies at the end.

It is death positive, honest, informative and even occasionally funny as you prepare the bodies of the deceased, attend funerals and talk to the loved ones, and deal with your own interpersonal relationships.

It is a short but surprisingly deep experience.

Electric Zine Maker

Zines are basically peak queer culture and with the fancy Electric Zine Maker now you can make your own! With an interface that is part MS Paint, part KidPix, part Storybook Weaver – it gives you many of the tools you’ll need to create your very own zine.

They are even working to add even more tools, more features, and even a little story that unfolds through its interface and characters.

An art toy that is very much worth your time!

What’s your gender?

Part game jam game, part art installation, and all-around dialogue about gender identity, What’s your gender? has to be experienced to be understood.

Through exploring a non-euclidean labyrinth, you will explore how gender is perceived and how we identify ourselves to ourselves and to each other.

We really recommend stepping into this void and seeing what you can learn.

2064: Read Only Memories

Inspired by old-school adventure games, 2064: Read Only Memories takes that classic approach and introduces a modern story and a futuristic setting. Set in Neo-San Francisco in the near future, it is a futuristic society with advances like genetic alteration, and (potential) artificial intelligence. When the first sapient machine crashes into the life of a struggling journalist, nothing will ever be the same.

With an all-star cast, a lo-fi synth soundtrack, and a branching storyline that explores what it means to be human, 2064 is a bundle standout.

We should talk

With one of the most unique takes on dialogue choices we’ve seen in a game, We should talk explores the meaning of words and how they affect our relationships. The game takes place over an evening as you chat with friends, and your partner via text. The direction the evening takes all depends on your choice of words.

With multiple ends and branches to take, We should talk is a unique experience on the power of words.

Later Daters

A dating sim from the fine folks at Bloom Digital Media, Later Daters has you step into the shoes of a senior who has just moved into Ye OLDE Retirement Community. There are many new neighbors to meet and date, and it is up to you to see who is the best fit for you!

Exploring intimacy through a unique perspective, Later Daters features LGBTQ and Poly inclusive romances, a senior character creator, intimate adventures that explore themes of mortality & vulnerability, and more!

Heaven Nor Hell

A tabletop game for two players, Heaven Nor Hell by Kienna S puts you and your partner in the shoes of two otherworldly immortals who are very much in love – but it is a forbidden love.

Through prompts and scenes, you will tell the story of your relationship. These are the stolen moments on Earth over the eons where you found each other and yourselves.

tumblr feels at 2am

Scrolling endlessly through your feed, the only light in your room comes from your laptop as you struggle to keep your eyes open. Images of all sorts pass by – jokes, memes, GIFs from TV shows you don’t watch… you scroll looking to see what you might add to your queue. The content that fits your aesthetic.

This solo journaling tabletop game by Taylor Curreysmith recreates that feeling.

Frame 352

Pick up a camera, pocket a handful of coins, and print out that zine. (This is how that Broken Social Scene song goes right?) Frame 352 by Maxwell Lander is all about walking around and finding the cryptids that lurk just out of sight.

In a genius bit of streamlined game design, Frame 352 gently prompts and pushes you to get out and move and also think creatively about the world around you.

Glitter Hearts

It is time for your very own magical girl transformation scene. In Glitter Hearts by Greg Leatherman, you will create your very own magical character to do battle with the forces of evil. With 3-6 players, a pair of six-sided dice, and a few hours you will do battle and also explore what your everyday life looks like when you’re not battling evil.

A great starting place for folks who haven’t dived into the world of tabletop role-playing games, Glitter Hearts is worth getting some friends together for.

These dozen games are just a small part of of the Queer Games Bundle that is available on itch.io! We hope this helps convince you to grab the bundle and support queer creators. These games are all inspirations and come from some of the most talented folks in our industry, and they should be supported.

If you want to chat about these games, or other games from the bundle, we’d love to hear your thoughts over on our Discord!

Happy Pride 2022 from all of us at Scavengers Studios! <3

Be safe in your journeys, and never forget.

With love,