Thanks to the Season community members for their feature and improvement requests for the game! We’re happy to announce that we have added quite a few fun new features, bug fixes and improvements to Season.

Steam Deck is now fully supported! We’ve also added Steam trading cards, badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds!

As well, there are new improvements to the bike collision system. Players should notice their ride is less affected by small environmental pieces.The patch also includes optimizations that improve overall performance.

After numerous player requests, we have adjusted the save file system so that players can return to their journal after completing the story. The journal customization has proved the most popular tool and we have been thrilled to see player’s creativity exhibited with it. This change will make it easier for players to share their beautiful and unique pages with the world.

Please note: Players must launch their save game to take advantage of the journal view after the game’s end.

New features and quality of life improvements:

  • Steam deck is now properly supported!
  • Steam trading cards, badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds have been added!
  • Full screen display mode has been added
  • A resolution setting has been added while playing in full screen mode
  • The character movement mode no longer reverts to walking when they stop
  • The bike rotation speed is now based on its velocity, allowing for more control at lower speeds
  • Improved camera behavior while biking
  • It is now possible to transition directly from biking to camera/audio recorder/journal
  • To make the previous change possible, the default binding for braking has been changed from space bar to left shift (PC only)
  • Improved navigation in few places in the path out of Caro map
  • Added collisions around certain assets to prevent players getting stuck
  • Minor performance optimizations

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent certain players to complete the gods pages
  • Fixed various typos throughout the game
  • Fixed a bug where sketching at a bench before starting the Tide prayer would trigger an incorrect animation
  • Fixed an incorrect collision on some pillars in Tieng Valley shrine slope
  • Fixed a bug where using the unstuck option while being on the bike would put the character in an incorrect state
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed multiple crashes
  • Fixed an issue where some texts were overlapping on the toast to Tieng journal page in French

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at Thank you!