Season highlights

Jun 26, 2020


We did a nostalgic dive into our Season behind the scenes photo archive and put together a little visual timeline here

2017. “Season” begins.
Above: Hitchhiking from Nagano to Kurobe, thinking about “Season” which only had the title and a few ideas at that point.
(The bicycle was briefly a motorcycle, yikes! Maybe this deserves its own blog post one day…)

2019: “Season” started as just a few people in the back of the studio. Back in the olden days, when we worked in the same space instead of at home.

Fall 2019. The Season team grows!

We received a CMF production grant that helped get the project off the ground! 

JANUARY 2020. We finished our first playable demo!
FEBRUARY 2020. Hitting PAX East and proud to test out our Season demo. It felt great to have people finally try the game
MARCH 2020. Season was among Ubisoft’s Indie Series Finalists. We won National Bank’s Special Prize (Prix Coup de Coeur)
JUNE 2020. Dev blog launch

We feel super lucky that this project germinated and is now a reality. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the project itself soon! 

Season team